Serving Girls in Disadvantaged Communities in the 

USA and Sierra Leone , West Africa

B'More DIAMONDS Girls at 2016 Retreat @Camp Lett, Maryland

B'More DIAMONDS Girls Circle

The Baltimore (B'More) DIAMONDS Girls Circle program was founded with the strong conviction that every girl has the ability to reach her highest personal, educational and professional potential.
But to reach their highest potential, girls need guidance and coaching by women in the community who can help them create their personal and community leadership road map in an enabling environment.
Girls in disadvantaged settings, such as the Inner Cities, immigrant communities, etc., are vulnerable to many negative social factors, such as, adolescent pregnancy, sexual exploitation, human trafficking, prostitution, etc. These factors put girls at risk of dropping out of school, creating a vicious cycle of low status of women in disadvantaged communities.

First cohort of DIAMONDS Girls at 2009 Retreat @National Park, Virginia 

With girls' exposure to so many risk factors, disadvantaged communities need as many constructive programs for female youth as possible. Girls LEAD Change is positioned to take a lead in helping to reduce these risk factors for girls in under-served communities through our DIAMONDS Girls Circle program.

Our DIAMONDS Girls Circle programs provides a platform to empower girls and help them develop self confidence, good judgment, and critical-thinking skills that will enable them to make positive life choices, counter negative social factors and achieve their highest potential.

"One of the most powerful forces for change in the world: When their rights are recognized, their needs are met, and their voices are heard, they drive positive change in their families, their communities, and the world.”

Kathy Calvin, United Nations Foundation President & CEO.